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  • No More Fear...
    The #1 reason more people don't do seminars is because of fear of public speaking... and that fear means they lose out on all the extra business and money that seminars can generate! I'll show you the secret strategies no one else is teaching so you can kick fear to the curb forever.
  • No More Stage Fright...
    Proven techniques to conquer stage fright forever - this is NOT "picture your audience naked" junk-advice that never works... you won't find these advanced techniques anywhere else, and these techniques really, really work!
  • Never Sweat Any Question, Ever!...
    The #2 reason people don't harness the incredible income power of seminars is because they're afraid someone will ask them a question they don't know how to handle... a rude question... a hostile question... a question they don't know the answer to.... with my simple but powerful strategies and techniques you'll never sweat any question! You'll easily handle even the meanest, roughest and toughest questions anyone could ever toss at you. Period.
  • Instant Presentation Blueprints & Templates...
    just take your topic and plug it in - these templates cover any type of speech, training, seminar, class, workshop, seminar, or talk you will ever give, and you can create a dynamite presentation even if you have zero time to prepare.
  • Sizzling Hot Formula Seminar Titles...
    Get this wrong and you can kiss your seminar profits good-bye!
    You'll get access to literally hundreds of sizzling hot seminar titles attract people like bees to honey - these are "plug and play" so you can use them as-is, or you can easily customize to your topic instantly just by changing a word or two... don't get this wrong or your seminar will be a loser!
  • Comedy On Command...
    I'll show you ways to be instantly funny - even if you don't have a single funny bone in your entire body!
    You'll have your seminar group cracking-up any time you want, and eating out of your hand.
  • Instant Inspiration...
    Imagine being able to create that inspiring or motivating moment during your seminar, tug on everyone's heartstrings, or inspire them to take action... I'll show you how to move or motivate any crowd anywhere anytime.
  • How to Make Magical & Memorable Presentations...
    You'll be a master of the stage and podium almost overnight
    - plus you'll get secret strategies and staging techniques that you won't find anywhere else... access to just this is worth far more than the cost of membership!
  • All Kinds of Checklists, Forms, Documents...
    Your seminars can turn into a chaotic nightmare if you don't know how to manage them.
    I've already created all of the checklists, forms, and other documents you'll need to manage and track all your seminars... why reinvent the wheel? I've already done the work for you!
  • "Quick Start" Seminar Success System...
    This system has been purchased & used by hundreds of people to achieve seminar success... as part of your membership you'll have free access to my step by step Seminar Success audio program.
  • Super Star Secrets To Seminar Success Audio Training Program...
    This is the highest-level, best-of-the-best inside information you'll ever hear about seminar success, seminar marketing, and using speaking & group events to create income streams... you will seriously be blown away when you hear this exclusive information, and your hair will catch fire with ideas you'll want to implement right away. This information alone will pay for your membership many, many times over!

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amount of stuff... but that's not all:

I have a "Member's Only Updates" section where I'll be posting all kinds of current, relevant information - everything from latest tools & technologies to tips on successful strategies and techniques and more. I update this section myself personally.

Believe it or not, there's more:



Special Bonus #1

Become a member right now, and I'll give you INSTANT ACCESS to my best-selling audio book "Power Publicity" ($11.95 value).

Discover exactly how to use the media to get free coverage and publicity for your business, product, or service.

There's no faster, easier, cheaper way to boost your business sales. Here's everything you need to know to get started now - from the press release to the media interview, it's all covered in step-by-step detail here.

You can start your money-making media blitz right now by learning how to play "the publicity game" and watch your visibility and sales skyrocket. Discover the inside secrets you must know to promote yourself for FREE in the media.

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You'll love this 49-page power-packed E-book jammed with tactics and strategies to leverage the incredible power of speaking and seminars to turn on a flood of new leads, new business, new income anytime you decide to get up and open your mouth!

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For the cost of a few Cafe Lattes per month, your membership to the American Seminar Academy gets you exclusive INSTANT ACCESS to all the high-level manuals and audio from my $900 Home Study Course, all assembled into 8 Seminar Success Boot Camp Levels to help you accelerate your seminar success.

PLUS you get INSTANT ACCESS to Bonus #1:
"Power Publicity" is my step by step guide to getting all the free exposure in the media that you can handle, listen to Power Publicity today, start getting free publicity tomorrow.

PLUS you get INSTANT Access to Bonus #2:
How To Create An Income Avalanche With Speaking & Seminars" - my 49 page power-packed E-book jammed with strategies and tactics to help you fatten your wallet and fill your bank account every time you decide to get up in front of people and open your mouth.

And ALL of that will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from any Internet connection in the world.

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I only accept PayPal for membership - that means if you're not happy at any time, just log into your PayPal account and hit the cancel button!

You don't have to call anyone to cancel.

You don't have to send an email to cancel.

If at anytime you're not happy or or feel like you've had enough, just go to PayPal and hit "cancel" and that's it! No fuss, no muss!

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If during the course of any month of your membershiop you feel like you're not getting your money's worth, I will gladly refund you every single penny of that current month's membership investment.
(Sorry, I can't refund any previous months, only the current membership month).

You will have INSTANT, FULL, UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL of the Boot Camp Levels & Special Bonuses INSTANTLY as soon as you become a member - nothing will be held back, nothing will be kept secret!

 There will be NO upsells, NO sales pitches and nothing more to buy.
You know what just makes my blood boil with rage? It's when I pay for something and then I'm  subjected to a series of sales pitches. I HATE that and I bet you do too. I'm not going to insult you by upselling or pitching you. No way! You will have FULL UNLIMITED ACCESS to my $900 Seminar Success Home Study Course and I  will NEVER subject you to a sales pitch!

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Become a member right now, and I'll give you INSTANT ACCESS to my best-selling audio book "Power Publicity" where you'll d
iscover exactly how to use the media to get free coverage and publicity for your business, product, or service. You can start your money-making media blitz right now by learning how to play "the publicity game" and watch your visibility and sales skyrocket. Discover the inside secrets you must know to promote yourself for FREE in the media.

Become a member of the ASA right now and get INSTANT ACCESS to my top-selling E-book "
How To Create An Income Avalanche With Speaking & Seminars" jam-packed with shortcuts and strategies - the section "What I Wish I Knew Many Years Ago" will save you a lot of wasted time & wasted money.

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I wish you the best of success,

David Portney
Founder & President of the American Seminar Academy


PS: Remember, membership to the American Seminar Academy gives you exclusive full access to all of my high-level, proven-effective Seminar Success materials that you won't find anywhere else - and you can login from any Internet connection anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


PPS: Latte: rich, creamy, over in about 5 minutes and does nothing to help you with your seminar success - and good luck with trying to deduct those lattes on your taxes!

PPPS: Remember my 3 iron-clad, rock solid guarantees: if during any month of your membership you feel you're not getting your money's worth, I'll refund you that month's membership fee with no questions asked!
PLUS, I guarantee you will have instant and unlimited access immediately to all of the Boot Camps and Special Bonuses - nothing will be held back and no secrets will be withheld.
PLUS, I guarantee you'll never be hit with a single sales pitch or upsell... EVER!

Yes! - Give Me Instant Access!

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